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"Merry Christmas"
Die erste SMS der Welt
Versteigert für den guten Zweck als NFT

NFT / Auction

NFT auction becomes a worldwide viral hit.

On December 21, 2021, the very first SMS in history with the message “Merry Christmas” was auctioned off by Vodafone as Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Vodafone donated the proceeds to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). The campaign was a success for Vodafone not only because of the auction proceeds. The earned media reach and media equivalent value in particular were gigantic.

As lead agency, we successfully implemented this “first mover project” from the initial idea to creation and final implementation.

The Project

Zur neuen Saison und Präsentation der Herbst/Winter Kollektion haben wir zusammen mit mytheresa.com eine Interactive Packaging AR Experience entwickelt. KundInnen erhalten mit Lieferung ihrer klassisch knall-gelben MyTheresa Box einen entsprechenden analogen Trigger (QR Code via Flyer), um die Experience zu starten und die neue Kollektion auf innovative Weise zu erleben. 

Interactive Packaging eröffnet eine ganz neue Welt des Consumer Engagements – durch die digitale Erweiterung mit Augmented Reality können den KundInnen wesentlich mehr Informationen und Wert vermittelt werden als herkömmliche Informationen über eine Marke. Hinzu kommen interaktive Features, die die Experience anreichern und spannender machen..


World Wide Media Coverage - PR & Media Campaigning

With a unique mix of technology, fascination, inventiveness, relevance & timing, we have achieved a global media impact on all channelswithout a large media investment.

Over 1,000 press clippings with 755 million total reach for Germany with a media value of around €4.3 million.

Within one week we reached all German citizens 10 times.

Over 2,000 press clippings with 2 billion total reach internationally.

Case Video

"Thanks to the work of Daniel Sack and his agency team, we were able to turn a powerful idea using blockchain technology into reality for a good cause in a very short time. In my 14 years at Vodafone, there has never been a project that has achieved such a large, global reach without a high media investment.

Gregor Gründgens (CMO), Vodafone Germany

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